Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chinese Food part one **update**

or in Sophie's words

We have had Hamburgers,Hot Dogs,Pizza, Tacos, Italian food, Fish, Chicken and BBQ with Sophie among other things. She is a great eater and has complained about nothing although I am not sure she liked the Lentil Soup I made last night for dinner. She ate it but did not go back for seconds like she usually does. I asked her what she would like to have more of and she said Fruits and Vegetables. I suck as a Host mother LOL... No really we do eat a lot of fruit and veggies in our house but I don't think I am hitting the right things so tonight we are going out for good old American Chinese food to see what she thinks. We did go to PF Chang's and she liked that pretty well. This will be our favorite takeout Chinese place so we will see how it measures up. I told her to ask for something more authentic if she likes that they would be Happy to accommodate her. We told our friends there that she was coming to stay with us for the year and they were very excited to meet her.

so we will see
to be continued....

So that went GREAT!
we all had a great meal and Sophie liked it even though she said Chinese food here is sweet.. She says that about almost everything she eats. I am Beginning to think Americans are addicted to sugar.

anyway she had a great time watching the girls interact with the people who work at the restaurant.They LOVE our girls as you can see from the pictures. Paul,Vicky and Mandy love them and spoil them every time we go in there.  Sophie took pictures with her phone of everything, the food,the girls, the workers and QQed (Chinese Facebook) them to all of her friends in China.
I would say success...

 I am sure the lady in the back would not be to happy to have this picture all over the internet ..ha!

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