Thursday, August 23, 2012

School is in

Sophie started school on Monday and things are going pretty well. She is adjusting to the American way of high school pretty easily. She says it is a lot different then in China in many ways
1.  Kids in China stay in one room and the teachers rotate to them.
2.  Kids talk a lot in class here in China classrooms are silent.
3.  In China they go to school at 7:30am and then leave at 2pm go home have lunch and a nap then come back to school at 2:00pm they go to school until 6:00pm
4. They go to school 6 days a week in China and their parents want them to go 7 days so many kids go to school on Sunday as well.
5. Math here is apparently very easy

She loves Math and science and said all Chinese people love math and science.  :)
Her schedule had a class missing and we are still trying to deal with that. She has made some friends and is finding her way. Overall I would say success for week one!
Now the littles  of the house start school next week . Amelia starts her first year in the Primary room and  Sophia starts Kindergarten.  WOW time flies I can hardly believe she is old enough to start Kindergarten. My sweet smart girl has grown up to quickly for sure. She has been in school for three
years and LOVES going to school, all summer she has asked me when can she go back to school. She is very excited to be a KINDERGARTNER this year and being one of the older "helper" kids in the
Primary room. I am so proud of both Sophia and Amelia and can't wait to see what this year brings
for them and for our whole family.

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  1. Great post! I loved reading about the differences between China schools and schools in the U.S. And I know what you mean, I can hardly believe our daughter is going into kindergarten too! It's such a big leap from being a preschooler to being an elementary school kid. Exciting stuff!