Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Phone trouble

Sophie's life line right now is her phone. She like every red blooded American teenager is connected to it like an umbilical cord. When she is awake it is never far from her hands. She can also watch Chinese TV on her phone so it does bring her something familiar to her. Well last night she came downstairs for dinner and I asked her how her day was. She first said good but en said well not really good. That made me stop and ask why. She said well my phone is not working, it won't come on at all. S we tried taking out the battery, charging it but nothing worked. So like every good dad Riz trotted off to the Verzion store with Sophie. They were great but could not get her phone to work so they replaced it no questions asked. I highly recommend Verzion to anyone looking for a great cell phone carrier.

On a side note bed was made this morning :)

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