Monday, August 13, 2012


Sophie is on Facebook now!

In China they don't have access to Facebook but they do have a Social media called QQ that is similar. Sophie is on QQ A LOT! with her friends back home and other exchange students here in the states. We thought it might be good for her to get on Facebook so that once she starts school she can connect with new friends as well. She was super excited to get her account going but when I asked her about posting a picture to her profile she said they don't do that on QQ. Sophie is a bit shy and I think she does not like to have her picture taken to much so I did not push her. I told her she could post anything she likes to her Profile so she said she would soon. Anyway her name on Facebook is
Sophie W Zhou if you want to friend here feel free she would love to get to know other kids here in the US. 

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