Monday, August 27, 2012

The first day of School

The girls both had a GREAT! first day of school.
Sophia was so proud and excited to be a Kindergartner
and Amelia was SUPER! excited to be in miss Maria's Class with her big sister.
I was fine right up until we got out of the car at school then emotion took over and I got all weepy. I could hardly believe that my sweet little girls were both making such a big step today. It was hard holding back the tears but it was wonderful to see how excited they were and how they went into the room together holding hands. Sophia was so sweet showing Amelia just where to go and what to do. I could see the pride in her face and the anxiety in Amelia's (for only a brief second or two). We love them so much and want the very best for them. We know we are giving them the best start possible and hope that it will carry them far into a great exciting future.

the possibilities are endless and only limited to their dreams. 


  1. It's so emotional sending them off the first day. I was fine until the teacher lined them up and she marched out of site into the building. At that moment I felt like I was sending my baby out into the world.

  2. Excellent! I love the last sentence of the post! So true.