Monday, August 13, 2012


So I forgot the camera and did not get to Sunday's post because of a family birthday party but I do have to say something about Sophie
She is very sweet.
Our Nephew's Birthday Party was Sunday. I can hardly believe he is turning four years old on Tuesday WOW! time flies.
Saturday we were out shopping and picked up a birthday present for Christopher and as we were talking about it Sophie interrupted and said "Pardon me should I get Christopher a present?" "I hate to go empty handed" I thought this was so sweet of her but told her it was not necessary and that we would put our WHOLE (and that included her) families name on the gift. She insisted on getting a card to bring to him.


on another "sweet" note Sophie says everything is sweet here in the US
Chinese food "very sweet"
Cake "very sweet"
Raisin Toast "very sweet"
you get the idea 


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